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... 70 patents in China now. Based on innovation, focus on quality, sincere cooperation and common development is the consistent pursuit of CHENGJIA people. We will continue to transcend ourselves to provide customers with the best quality products and services. ...

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... V solutions, satellite/cable/terrestrial digital TV receivers, Smart iDTV, professional head-end IRDs, IPTV, OTT cable modems, Emta and VDSL. As one of the global leading STB manufacturers, COSHIP provides global Pay TV operators with a variety of STBs and solutions worldwide and owns nearly 2000 patents in DTV industry, half of which are patents for invention. Products of COSHIP have been deploye ...

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... , H125 и AW189 в течение 2017 и 2018 годов. Все новые тренажеры будут размещены в новых современных помещениях, планированных предлагать самые лучшие в своем классе услуги подготовки. Coptersafety provides unparalleled helicopter simulator training in a unique setting. Allowing convenient reach from Russia, Coptersafety training centre is located right next to Helsinki Airport, Finland. Coptersafe ...

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Dobry Stolarz Miacalnea

... protection of heels and toes The highest quality of our products, their functionality and undeniable attention to customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of the Mia Calnea brand Our mission is to provide the best products to ensure the protection and care of heels and toes while maintaining the greatest possible commitment to the environment, as evidenced by the FSC certificate Products of the Mi ...

... arks of the Mia Calnea brand Our mission is to provide the best products to ensure the protection and care of heels and toes while maintaining the greatest possible commitment to the environment, as evidenced by the FSC certificate Products of the Mia Calnea brand are made from natural materials using advanced CNC technology Monitoring and quality control as well as manual performance of some task ...

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Dongguan City Husheng Nail Products

... manufacturer,which was established at 2002 We have our own research and design center And we do nail art product in creative design and persistent development ,as well as responsible marketing we provide OEM services and do processing with supplied samples our plant was standardizedby the international standard GMP requirements and we have Advanced quality monitoring equipment, and scientific and ...

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Golden Spot Machinery Taicang

... ety of hardware production, storage solution, bicycle, automobile industry. Product line of shopping cart, refrigerator rack,and various of display rack. With decades of experiences, we can always provide customer the best solution on welding project and increasing of productivity. Бренды Golden Spot ...

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Gain Cosmetics

... nal purpose, HAKEN Professional also purs Maruemsta Products Maruemsta is a casual cosmetics brand that pursue to be a brand that can easily and conveniently accessible for all ages A good brand provides an ent Сектор рынка Сотрудничество [121B 3LT]60, Namdongseo-ro 84 beon-gil, Namdong-gu Incheon 21697 Тел : +82-32-822-3721 ...

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... he TCT saw blades in China, was founded in 2004.With 13 years continuous effort, Goldtol now has more than 800 workers and 4 factories that produce saw blades of DIY Professional and Industy grade provided of power tool and wood working industry. With more than 70000 square meter produciton area, the annual output has reached 20 million pcs Бренды Goldtol 3S ...

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... te hi-tech enterprise with R&D, manufacturing, business consultancy and planning, trade, delivery, project implementation and after sales service, acting as a complete DTV and triple-play solution provider for Digital TV/OTT related projects. Headquartered in GOSPELL INDUSTRIAL PARK at Chenzhou, Hunan Province for CPE related production manufacturing, GOSPELL also has its office in Shenzhen for b ...

... Customer Service Center, and in 12 cities in China as well as international offices in India, Africa and Mexico. Gospell is showing dramatic growth as it expands internationally. Overall, Gospell provides a full range of services as follows: Project Consulting & Site Survey System Network Planning Headend, transmitter, STB, LNB and satellite dish manufacturing System Integration Project Delivery ...

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Guangdong Shenzhou Gas Appliance

... ong Shenzhou Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, which is leading manufactory of best brand of gas appliance and kitchen appliance. We are a professional manufacturer of gas appliance and provide OEM & ODM service for combi gas boiler, gas water heater, gas stove and range hood. Our annual output capacity is over 1.2 million units. We have passed ISO9001 and ISO4001 certification and obta ...

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